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Playlist of the Week - 17/11/2017

On est Dredi et comme chaque Dredi c'est le jour de la rentrée des artistes dans la programmation de la radio.

It's Friday and like every Friday, it's the day of the new music addition in our radio program.

Playlist of the Week - 17/11/2017

  1. AfriCali "The Struggle" + "Daughters of the Sun"
  2. Jalifa "Why Worry" + "Ini Dread" Ft. Suns of Dub
  3. Gerardo Frisina "Tin Tin Deo"
  4. US3 "Tukka Yoot's (Sax All Day) CMan Edit
  5. Mr.eNeX Ft. Aris San "Boom Pam"
  6. Zackarose "Hard Time Blues" + "Breathe in!"
  7. Derlee "Every Time She Smiles"
  8. Chavo "Don't Wake The Dead"
  9. Kaligola Disco Bazar "Gone (Mondo Cane Dub Rework)"
  10. Dub-Stuy / Dj Madd "Your Sound = Babylon Sound"
  11. Wilson Pickett "Funky Situation" (Charlie Beale Regrooved)
  12. Childish Gambino - Redbone (Nick Bike Edit)
  13. The Lion Ranger - Night Market
  14. Leeroy "Beasts of No Nation" With Seun Kuti
  15. Leeroy "OBE" W/ Ire Allen


  1. Lego Boy "Moments with you"
  2. Marcel Andrie "Lord Knows"
  3. Josh One "Deal With It" (feat. Uncle Imani & Ta'Raach)
  4. Bruse Wane "Empire State"
  5. 3MA (Ballaké Sissoko, Driss el Maloumi, Rajery) "Anarouz"
  6. Imarhan "Azzaman" 
  7. The Lox "Break It Down"
  8. Papa Style & Admiral Tibett "False Promises"
  9. Funky DL "Soho Incognito" + "The Glimmer of Nightfall"
  10. The Red Stripe Twins "Resonant Evil" 
  11. Leah Rosier "No Puppets"
  12. Robinson & the Lazy Hill Band "Duppy Babylon"
  13. Keziah Jones "Golden Brown" + "Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM"
  14. Mura Musa "NOTHING ELSE!" feat. Jamie Lidell + "Messy Love"
  15. Statik Selektah "Shakem Up" (feat. B-Real of Cypress Hill & Everlast)
  16. Statik Selektah "Put Jewels On It" (feat. Run The Jewels)

NiLLa session:

  • Discovery
  • H.I.R
  • Trustoleum


  1. Vulfpeck "Business Casual" Ft. Coco O. + "Vulf Pack"
  2. Ephemerals "In & Out" Titeknots Remixes
  3. Andre Espeut Quintet "The Message"
  4. Ali Farka Toure "Ai Bine (Mula Edit)
  5. MR. Lif & Brass Menazeri "Rebirth" + "Crypt of Lost Styles"
  6. Hot 8 Brass Band "On the Spot"
  7. Foresta & Royal Blu "On The Side"
  8. Gizelle Smith "Sweet Memories" + "S.T.A.Y" Ft. Eric Boss
  9. Ronny Jordan - The Jackal (Pied Piper Regrooved Acidic Jazzatastic Mix)
  10. Onom Agemo The Disco Jumpers ft Ahmed Ag Kaedy - Onin Okalan + "Aljahalat"
  11. Noya Rao "Golden Claw"

Spy From Cairo session:

  • Sahir
  • Prophecy in motion
  • Universal
  • When Giants ruled the earth

Shawn Lee session:

  • Orion
  • Lexina Walks in
  • JT Space Cumbia
  • Dirk's Jerk

S-Tone Inc. session:

  • Sands of Time
  • Luz Da Joaca
  • Superbacana
  • Zona Norte
  • Zuzu

TootArd session:

  • Bayat Blues
  • Circles
  • Laissez Passer
  • Oya Marhaba